Our Way of Giving Back

Trusty Maid Service is pledging three percent of income to charity.

The charity of choice for 2019 is the St. Louis Food Pantry. “With so many important charitable causes, selecting just one is always difficult,” said David Mixon, owner of Trusty Maid Service. “For this year the Food Pantry was chosen because of the easily understood local impact on the community.”

In a way our clients help support the charitable effort. Trusty Maid Service does not accept charge card payments. It never made good business sense to accept the charge cards when most clients pay us electronically as they are paying monthly utility bills. Cards are wonderful where necessary, but they don’t serve much purpose for this small business and acceptance would drain at least three percent of annual profit.

So we are putting the annual savings to a worthy cause – contributing it to charity. And the wonderful part is that everyone participates by being a client of Trusty Maid Service. You will not see that inserted-card message – would you like to contribute $1 or $5 or $10 or $20?