Honoring our Own

Two Trusty Maid Service employees were recognized in April for their military service.

For several years we have been hopeful of receiving applications from those who have provided military service to their country. Fortunately, we have added two ladies with a military service background to our staff during the last year.

Taylor at Trusty Maid Service


Taylor served in the US Marines. During her service she was stationed in California, but not Camp Pendleton. She served in a desert location. Taylor has been off to an amazing start as a Trusty Maid Service employee. She has received many complements and enjoyed much success as a new employee.

Lyddia at Trusty Maid Service


Lyddia served her country in the US Navy. She has many interesting stories about her service and travels. Lyddia was born in Germany to military parents. Some of her Navy deployment was in Iceland. She has many fascinating stories of this country and she is a reliable source of information if you would be planning a first trip to Iceland. Additionally, Lyddia has lived in multiple states, but she is content now in planning the next few years in the St. Louis Area.